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01.07.2024, 08:40

Livestreaming Schedule July

July is vacation time, so there won't be quite as many streams as in June. But there will be more opportunities to ask your questions in WisdomSave in the live chat, and we will continue our journey through...   More

06.06.2024, 15:59

Livestreaming Schedule June

June is packed with exciting and informative livestreams. Download the overview below on your device. Subscribe to LiveLearnGame at to learn about beliefs and useful...   More

30.04.2024, 22:57

LiveLearnGame goes international!

After offering my online content in english on various platforms for some time, I am now excited to announce the next logical step: Individual life coaching is now available to english-speaking coachees! The...   More

15.04.2024, 08:31

Interview on Entrepreneurship & Science

Young Entrepreneurs in Science is an organization that promotes entrepreneurial thinking and action among young scientists. I myself was once a participant in a workshop there, which was an important step...   More